I want to study psychology in malaysia for MS degree.

4 10 2008

Dear sir & madam

I want to study psychology in malaysia for MS degree. I will be pleased if u could help me for more information.

Best regards,

mahdieh aghababaei

Hi Mahdieh,

You have the option of studying at a local government-funded university or at a private college. Right now, I think that the only private college that is offering graduate level-psychology program is HELP Unversity College. Too enter into a graduate level psychology program, many programs require that you have a degree in psychology or have a minimum amount credit hours in undergraduate psychology courses.

Please check out webpage For Students where were have provided a list of universities/colleges for your consideration. This list many not be comprehensive, so please let us know if you find any other university/college in Malaysia that is offering graduate courses in Psychology.

Also, some Psychology graduate programs would give you a Masters in Arts and some other a Masters in Science. Some are housed in the Department of Arts and Science, College or Education or Faculty of Behavioral Science. I know, it is complication because psychology is a unique field where both the arts and science are fused.

All the best!


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17 04 2011
rivern yong

My daugther is now in Form 5 Arts stream and would like to study psychology when she finish her Form 6. What are the requirement, duration and fees to do a master? Thank you.

25 04 2011

It really depends on a number of factors, i.e. which country she plans to further her studies in, which universities she is applying for, and which field of psychology she is planning to apply for. She has about two years to do her research and find out all these answers!

10 05 2011

She needs to do her own research on the area of psychology she is interested in pursuing, the country where she is interested in furthering her studies, identify the universities which have accredited psychology programs, and then contact each target university to find out their requirements and fees. She has to complete her Form 5, Form 6 and Bachelors, and get good grades, before she considers a Masters. I suggest that she spearheads this research by herself, since this is about her own education and future, although you may of course support her. I often see Malaysian parents working harder than the children in pursuing an academic goal. The quest for her to explore her academic options is a journey, and a journey that she needs to take as the driver herself. I wish her all the best!

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