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March 3, 2011
To all visitors and followers of this website, thank you for your support throughout all these years. I have left HELP University College to set up my own private practice in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

This blog has not be updated often due to my other commitments, but I hope you will continue to share with me updated information about counseling and psychology in Malaysia.

November 6, 2009
Dear visitors/readers,

One disturbing issue that continues to nag me was absence of anger management groups for Malaysians who, although are able to go about their daily lives quite ordinarily, have realized that they have an anger problem, and would like to learn how to manage their anger. While I was still in Texas, there was not much I could do except to guide as to the best possible alternative in the absense of such a group. Now that I am back in Malaysia, I am responding to this “lacuna” by agreeing to set up a anger management group. The group will be a safe place for individuals to learn more about their anger as well as to discover new coping skills that works best for themselves. The group will be limited to 10 people, and will run for around 10 sessions, one session per week. Members are expected to commit to attending all or at least most of the sessions. Fees for each group counseling session will be kept very minimal. The group will commence once we have enough interested people to start a group.

If you are interested, or if you know of anyone who may be interested, please contact me at

November 5, 2009

Dear visitors/readers,

I would like to inform you with effect from this month, I have joined HELP University College as a lecturer/clinician at the Department of Psychology. I will be teaching both the undergraduate students as well as the graduate students from the counseling and Clinical Psychology program. I will also start seeing clients at HELP’s Center for Counseling and Psychological Services. I hope to develop a play therapy training program, which will not only equip our graduate students with the skills and knowledge to see child clients, but also to provide an avenue for members of the public to seek play therapy services for their children at a minimal fee. All practicum/intern students who do play therapy will of course be personally supervised by me.

When I first started this website, I had no idea what I would be doing when I eventually returned to Malaysia. In fact, I seriously considered returning to legal practise to help pay off my study loans. I wish to assure our visitors/readers that this website will remain as it is – true to its original goals [please see our intro]. What has changes is that I am back in Malaysia as a practising mental health professional and am a faculty member of HELP University College. Please bear this in mind, especially possible bias opinion, when reading my “Answers” in the Q & A section.


July 11, 2009


Dear readers/visitors,

Thank you for visiting our website and writing in. Overwhelming responses from Malaysians all over the country means that THIS WEBSITE IS SUCCESSFUL! Unfortunately, it also means that Yvonne and I have arrived at the stage where we can no longer answer every single question that comes through. We could if this was our full-time job 😉

We are now being selective of which questions to answer, and which questions will receive priority.

Here are the important factors that you should read before writing in to us. READ THIS FIRST, because then you will have an idea of what is the probability of your question being answered:

1. Read the previously asked questions at our Q & A section. If you ask a question that has already been asked, we will not be repeating ourselves.

2. Do you homework first. We are NOT an information bank, we will NOT do your homework for you! Do careful research, then write to ask us for clarification about the confusing part. This means that if you write to us firing a bunch of general questions, chances are that we are NOT going to give you a free ride!

3. If you are writing to ask for a mental health provider (counselor, psychologist, marriage & family therapist), go to our “For the public” page and click on “Where to find services”. Again, do your homework and contact us only if you need clarification, or need further information.

4. Bear in mind that although I have a background in Counseling Psychology and Child/Play Therapy, and am licenced to provide professional counseling, as well as marriage and family therapy in the state of Texas, USA, I am currently not licensed or practising in Malaysia. Yvonne is a wonderful budding psychologist-in-the-making and a great researcher, but as of now, she is a student pursuing her Bachelors in Psychology. In short, we are NOT active mental health professionals practising in Malaysia. (I plan to be one, very soon!) This means that our information may NOT always be accurate.  We provide you with our opinion, not professional advice!  Do you own homework! And let us know when you find out that our information is wrong.






March 20, 2009.
Since Yvonne and I created this website, we have been receiving many encouraging emails from the public, psychology students and members of the mental health profession. Our website has been a tool in connecting us to Malaysian psychologists and counselors, who are practicing in Malaysia as well as overseas. Consistent with this website’s goal, i.e., to provide information to all our readers about counseling and psychology in Malaysia, we will be inviting different members of mental health profession to answer some of your questions. All answers to our reader’s questions are provided independently from each other. Professional opinions may differ, and so readers are advised to do their own research before deciding on a course of action.

Look out for this icon in our Q & A section:

We welcome our first guest mental health professional, Dr. Kuan Li-Ann, PhD! Dr Kuan is a Malaysian and an Educational Psychologist who is currently practising in USA. Read her reply in this Q & A: 3/11/09: I met with my psychologist, but I’m still unsure whether I have adult ADD!

November 30, 2008 Thanks to all our readers who have written to Yvonne and I to comment about our website or to ask questions. We are deeply encourage, and will try to your questions. Question and answers on our Q & A section will be dated, so keep checking that section for the latest Q & A. Before you write to us with a question, please go through the questions in the Q & A section first, so that you do not ask a question that has already been answered. At this time, both Yvonne and myself are pretty tied down at the moment, so it may take a while. Also, some of your questions require lengthy answers! Please be patient with us!

I have just created a job vacancy page with positions in the psychology/counseling/mental health profession. The page can be found under our section “For Professionals“.

If you would like to advertise a position or know of such a position that may interest our readers, please contact Yvonne or myself. All postings or any such positions is subject to the discretion of Yvonne or myself. We do not accept any payment or any other reimbursement for posting job vacancies.

October 1, 2008
Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been occupied with personal health concerns. Through my college Psychology Club, I got to know of a Big Walk organized by the Malaysian Mental Health Association to raise awareness. It would be held on 19th October 2008. For more information, pleaseclick here. How fun it would be to join a walkathon and raise awareness for a passion so close to my heart as Psychology. Unfortunately, I am unfit to participate. So while you are fit enough, do give it a go!

July 26, 2008

The National Early Childhood Conference will be held at Summit Hotel in the city of Subang Jaya. From 16 – 17 August 2008, Dr. Lilian Katz & other early childhood experts will be present to share their experiences with the crowd. The theme is “Nurturing Thinking Learners in Early Childhood”. Event is jointly organized by PTC Learning School International and Segi College, supported by MECCEM and The University of Southern Queensland. This may be a good opportunity for students of Psychology interested in early childhood development to feel the vibe, as they say. Click here to view the flyer.

July 20, 2008

When Charis Wong invited me to co-found the website of Counseling & Psychology in Malaysia, I was touched and humbled at once. Realizing that our personal commitment and passion are of value, is vital for every student and practitioner in the helping profession. Passion and initiatives can get you started, while peer support and encouragement keep you going. Read More

Ever since I left Malaysia to pursue my studies as a graduate student in Counseling Psychology at the University of North Texas, I’ve been wanting to start a website providing information on all you need to know about Counseling and Psychology in Malaysia. Read More