Charis’ Introduction

20 07 2008

This website was created to provide information on all you need to know about Counseling and Psychology in Malaysia.

The importance of providing profession counseling services in Malaysia was recognized by the legislators when they enacted the first Malaysia Counselors’ Act (580) in 1998. The Counselors’ Act 1998 sets the minimum competence level for the credentialing of a professional counselor in Malaysia. Only a person who is licensed to practice counseling under this Act is allowed to represent himself or herself as a counselor in the country.

Unfortunately, there is still not professional regulation for psychologists in Malaysia.

I started this website when I was in Texas, USA pursuing my graduate studies in Counseling Psychology. Counseling Psychology is still a very new field in Malaysia. In fact, I knew of Clinical Psychology, but I only discovered the lesser known branch of psychology, ‘Counseling Psychology’ when I returned to college to get my Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology at the HELP University College in 2003. When I started thinking about a career change from law to psychology, I was at lost as to where to start. I did not know how is the development of psychology like in Malaysia, what career prospects would I have in this field and where I could go to study counseling/psychology. My friends and the people around me knew little of counseling or psychology. Many Malaysians seemed to have images of therapy as having to lie on a long couch while the shrink sits behind you and taps into your unconscious desires! I wondered whether there were other Malaysians out there who felt as clueless as I did about counseling and psychology in Malaysia.

This site will contain information about Counseling Psychology, Counseling and Psychology in Malaysia. Although they overlap each other significantly and fall within the helping profession, each of these are in fact separate, distinct fields.

This website is for:

  • current students or potential students who are majoring in counseling or psychology (not just counseling psychology, but any area of psychology) who would like to know more about places to pursue their studies in counseling/psychology, whether or not to proceed to graduate school, career prospects in Malaysia and etc.
  • members of the helping profession (counselors, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, pastors and etc) who are interested to read the latest updates on counseling and psychology in Malaysia, licensing and regulation issues, and professional associations.
  • people who would like to seek the services of a counselor, psychologist, marriage and family therapist or even a psychiatrist (and are confused as to who they should go to!).  Resources on counseling and psychological services, issues relating to counseling and psychology and guidelines on finding a suitable counselor/psychologists are issues which we will address on this website.
  • anyone who is interested to know more about psychology or counseling in Malaysia.

I practised as an Advocate and Solicitor in Malaysia for almost six years before making a career change. I obtained my B.S. (Applied Psychology) from the Upper Iowa University, under the American Degree Program at Help University College. I obtained my M.S. (Counseling Psychology) from the University of North Texas in 2008.   I am currently pursuing my Graduate Academic Certificate in Child/Play Therapy at the University of North Texas.

I am also a Texas Licensed Professional Counselor -Intern (License no. 64698) and  a Texas Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate.  My long-term goals are to be a Registered Play Therapist with the American Association of Play Therapists and to eventually obtain a PhD in Clinical Psychology.  I recently returned to Malaysia for good, and this enables me to actively involved in developing the field of counseling and psychology in Malaysia.

If you have any information which you think should be relevant for this website, please contact me at

I am excited!!!rea




2 responses

4 08 2008

Hi Charis,
I am a mother a child of 3 years old. My son is very active and smart but he just reluctant to speak up. At first, my husband and I thought probably due to his hyperactiveness or inheritated from my husband as he only spoke at age 6. However, now that my son is close to 3 years old, I read some articles about Autism. I’m worry that he is having this problem. I heard that the consultation fees to see a child psychiarist is very expensive. Furthermore, like you mentioned in your article, it’s really hard to source for a child psychologist in Malaysia. I find that your website is really useful and helpful.
Appreciate if you can give me some opinion or clues on how I can check out whether my son is an autism child or not and how to diagnose his problem. I am close to lost my way how to find an effective way to make my son to speak up and be more obedient.

15 09 2008

check out my blog…all the best to you.

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