I want to study psychology in malaysia for MS degree.

4 10 2008

Dear sir & madam

I want to study psychology in malaysia for MS degree. I will be pleased if u could help me for more information.

Best regards,

mahdieh aghababaei

Hi Mahdieh,

You have the option of studying at a local government-funded university or at a private college. Right now, I think that the only private college that is offering graduate level-psychology program is HELP Unversity College. Too enter into a graduate level psychology program, many programs require that you have a degree in psychology or have a minimum amount credit hours in undergraduate psychology courses.

Please check out webpage For Students where were have provided a list of universities/colleges for your consideration. This list many not be comprehensive, so please let us know if you find any other university/college in Malaysia that is offering graduate courses in Psychology.

Also, some Psychology graduate programs would give you a Masters in Arts and some other a Masters in Science. Some are housed in the Department of Arts and Science, College or Education or Faculty of Behavioral Science. I know, it is complication because psychology is a unique field where both the arts and science are fused.

All the best!





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