Where can I find short courses on Psychology?

27 03 2011

Hello Charis,

I came across ur website ans went through your Q andA section for the information.

I am very much interested in Psychology, and I’m looking for short courses or maybe a collaboration with a psychologist that would somehow teach me on understanding what is psychology all about and basically understanding the human nature and their minds.  I admit i have no idea what so ever on psychology but I do have a burning interest to put my time and effort into this line.  I do not intend to make this my career line, its just like an extra for me. What would u suggest? Take up a short course ( but where) or turn to a psychologist to pratice or intern with? (if so, anyone u could recommend? or perhaps yourself?)

Thanks for taking the time to review this, hope to hear from you soon! =)



Dear Bhaggawent,

Everyone can benefit in their lives and relationships with people by learning some basic psychology!

The Linguistic Council offers an Advanced Diploma in Psychology, but you either need to have completed their Diploma in Learning Disorders Management and Child Psychology or have equivalent condition.  You can visit their website here: http://www.linguistic-council.com/my/lecturers.php.  Alternatively, TAR college has a Diploma in Counseling, where you will be learn basic psychology as well.  Both of these programs will not qualify for you to be a recognized psychologist or a Registered and Licensed Counselor in Malaysia, but they will give you a good introduction to psychology.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that any psychologist would be willing to offer an internship to a non-psychology student. Most psychologists will only consider a graduate student intern in psychology.

All the best!





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